Membership Application

Individual and Family Memberships are for one year from the date of initial registration .  Both type memberships are renewalable for additional terms.

When adding  Additional Family Members to your Family acount, please provide unique email addresses for each person.  This allows each family member to independently register for events and activities.  Parents/Guardians can use discretion if adding minor chidren and wish to keep their name on all event registrations in the future.


One Time Guest Membership is limited to 7 days to allow you to experience a TVCC event before you join the club fully.  We hope you will become a full time member afterwards.  A Guest membership is not renewable.


Member Directory

Please let us know if you would like your family's contact information in the TVCC Member Directory.  The directory is only available to TVCC members signed into the website.  The Member Directory displays your Name, Email, Phone, City, State, and Paddling Interests.  You will be able to change this choice later by using the Update Profile link on the TVCC Website.


The purpose of the Member Directory is to provide a means to coordinate amongst members to enhance the TVCC experience. For example, this directory could be used to search for members that live geographically in your area so that you could coordinate a ride-share to an event such as a paddle trip.